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Welcome to the Veterans for Human Rights

Veterans for Human Rights, Inc. (VFHR) was incorporated in 1993 as a non-partisan public benefit corporation, organized and operating under the laws of the State of Oregon. The VFHR is one of only a handful of active LGBT ß 501(c)19 Ė Combat-Veteran non-profit organizations in the United States. The VFHR was founded for purposes of ending discrimination against the military service of openly gay and lesbian Americans to include U.S. Military enlistment and all related benefits. The VFHR promotes the general welfare of its members, with special reference to the full and equal recognition and protection of members' status as active, reserve or Veteran members of the U.S. Military. VFHR actively opposes all forms of discrimination and promotes the ideas and ideals of patriotism and firmly upholds the values and traditions established and upheld by our nationís military.

VFHR works closely with other local and national organizations in securing the full equal and civil rights for all Americans regardless of their sexual orientation, military discharge or marital status. VFHR provides legal resources and referrals for military service members, advocates on behalf of Veterans with HIV/AIDS, defends the unique issues and needs of women Veterans, assists with military discharge upgrades, and participates in local and regional outreach/stand-downs for homeless Veterans.

Following the repeal of Donít Ask Donít Tell in September of 2011, the VFHR actively continues its dedication to assisting Veterans and Active Duty service members in securing the benefits they have earned.

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Oregon Department of Veterans' Affairs Appoints LGBTQ Veterans Coordinator
Thursday, 15 June 2016

For the first time ever in US history, a Veteran state department level appointment has been made to support the LGBTQ community. Please help us in welcoming Nathaniel Boehme!

His position has been created to assist members of the LGBTQ community in Oregon who served in our nation's military with a variety of things up to and including:

  • Correction of military records:
    1. Discharge upgrades for veterans separated under the auspices of Donít Ask Donít Tell (DADT)
    2. Official name changes on DD214 and VA health records
    3. Removing DADT-related language from military discharge records
  • Assistance with veteran services and benefits (VA and other) for Oregonians who may be leery to connect with mainstream veteran-serving organizations
    1. VA health care
    2. Service-connected compensation
    3. Pension
    4. Home loans
    5. Homelessness services
    6. And much moreÖ
  • Promotion and support in creating a community and culture of inclusion for ALL veterans -- regardless of sexuality or gender identity
    1. Liaison between veteran and LGBTQ serving organizations
  • Creation and sustainment of LGBTQ veteran events, speaking engagements, email list, and more in the State of Oregon
  • Advocacy for legislative changes in Oregon to better serve our LGBTQ community (veterans and non-veterans alike)

Please contact Nathaniel if you have questions, concerns, or general inquirries into the ORDVA.
Ph: (o) 503-373-2327 / (c) 971-720-9016
Twitter: @ODVALGBTQvets

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